Park East provides business services that are tailored to the needs of the corporate environment. We develop training seminars for middle and upper management personnel. We also provide individual consultations and executive coaching.

Management Seminars Offered

Team Building - Building an effective team involves the clear structuring of responsibilities, acknowledgment of each individual's area of expertise, and the establishment of a cooperative spirit. The how-to's of each of these are discussed in this seminar.

Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness - This seminar is presented in three inter-related sections, each building on the preceding one: Structure, Effectiveness and Creative Potential. Organizational structure is the base on which effective leadership is built and creative potential developed. Effective leadership is the ability to influence others. Creative potential is the logical extension of using your capacities to think, to analyze and to express yourself.

Conflict Resolution - conflict resolution which really works starts with expressing your viewpoint clearly, listening to the other person and then forging a solution in which no one loses. Role-plays and discussion demonstrate productive and non-confrontational ways to resolve conflicts.

Reducing Stress - There are many ways to deal with stress. The first approach is to attempt to change those situations that create the most stress. However, sometimes the techniques you implement to effect change do not work. This seminar addresses the problem of how to handle those stress-inducing situations that seem almost impossible to change.