Park East Associates is comprised of psychologists, social workers and speech therapists. We evaluate and treat children, adolescents, adults and families in psychotherapy and counseling. Individual and group counseling, play therapy and family counseling are among the treatment options we offer.

School Services

Consultations to teachers and administrators; teacher training and seminars for administrators, teachers, parents and students are among the services offered to schools.

Testing Services

Complete neuro-psychoeducational assessments are offered as well as intellectual screening, testing for the gifted and evaluations of adolescents and adults.

Business Services

Employee consultations, staff and team building seminars, stress management workshops and executive coaching are some of the activities we do to meet corporate needs.

Mediation Services

We have trained and certified divorce mediators for couples who want to obtain a divorce without the needless expense. For more information, please visit our web site at


We publish and distribute newsletters and articles on a variety of topics relating to our services. A number of articles are available on line.

Welcome to The Park East Website

Most of us have needs that relate to our personal, social, business lives and to the lives of our children. We know how to help when help is needed and have found that many difficulties can be addressed through locating the source of the problem, scrutinizing it in its many aspects and discussing with our client how and in what way the situation can be changed in a positive direction. As psychologists, we function in a diversity of areas and our role is very simple: to help you look creatively at what you want to change and through talking and problem solving to help you to change it.

Park East Associates has five divisions: Counseling Services; School Services; Testing Services; Business Services; Divorce Mediation Services. We also publish Articles that relate to each of our divisions.